Harlow Hickenlooper Documentary - One man, a striped jacket, a straw hat, three stooges, hundreds of pies and thousands of adoring fans.

Here is a treat that you may enjoy. The story of the man from the man himself! Hal Fryar is one of the most humnble men you could ever meet and he loves his fans.

Hal Fryar, better known to his fans as Horsehoe Hal, Captain Hal, Harlow Hickenlooper and Grandpa Harlow, talks about those characters and how he got his start in the entertainment industry and much, much more. Learn all about the man, the straw hat, the striped jackets and the many pies he got in the face. Go back in time and listen as Harlow tells the story in his own words. Enjoy the wonderful memories from Harlow!




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