Happy Birthday, from Harlow!

Listen to Harlow croon his famous Birthday Song! Click here to listen now!

Harlow was always happy to sing it over the telephone to a Baby Boomer who may remember the good ol' days of television and grew up watching Harlow's show during the 1960's! He would sing to anyone whose birthday it was when someone made the request. What a gift that was to them!

Watch the reaction of a 60 year old fan of Harlow's (right) when he finds out Harlow is calling to sing Happy Birthday to him.
Harlow singing his Happy Birthday Song to Sammy Terry in 1972

This is a real classic with Harlow and Sammy Terry together in Sammy's dungeon celebrating Sammy Terry's 10th Anniversary on the air in 1972!

Click to play
Harlow was born on June 8, 1927!

  Harlow sings to ALL of his fans when he appeared at the Indiana Historical Society on June 16, 2015. What a treat! This is for all of the fans he can no longer sing to in person or over the telephone. Harlow thanks all of his faithful fans for all of the years of memories you made for him.

Harlow sings to Curley!

Harlow singing Happy Birthday to his old sidekick, Curley Myers, on Curley's 90th birthday, April 1st, 2010.

This was also the very first time Harlow ever sang his signature song to Curley. A very touching moment to be sure. Watch it on Facebook

(Video courtesy of Dave Fulton)


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