June 8, 1927 - June, 25, 2017

Hal Fryar, age 90, of Bradenton, Florida passed away on June 25, 2017 after a life well lived and well loved by many.

Born in 1927, Hal became an actor and television personality and rose to prominence as "Harlow Hickenlooper", the host of The Three Stooges Show on Channel 6 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Hal began his broadcasting career as an announcer, emcee, and writer as a teenager in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the mid-1940s. He graduated from Indiana University in 1950 with a bachelor's degree in speech, and by the 1960s, he had developed his entertainment talents as host of programs geared to young audiences in radio
and TV in Ohio.

Hal served as the host for a local Indianapolis children's show on WFBM-TV that ran from 1960 to 1972, that highlighted the old Three Stooges movie shorts. He appeared under the name "Harlow Hickenlooper" and was one of a trio of hosts with Curley Myers and Captain Star (Jerry Vance aka Larry Vincent). Together, they sang songs and did skits for a live studio audience of children. His idea of Harlow Hickenlooper's
personality was for him to be a character for whom nothing ever went right, no matter how hard he tried and Hickenlooper regularly ended up with a (shaving) cream pie in his face.

Hal was also the host for several other children's shows over his 43 years in local television. In 1965, Fryar was cast in the Original Three Stooges movie, The Outlaws Is Coming, playing the part of Johnny Ringo and in 2008, he was inducted into the Indiana Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.

Hal is survived by his wife of 37 years Henrietta Fryar, his daughter Pam Allen, his son Gary Fryar, stepdaughters Connie Linton and Marsha McMullin and grandchildren, Joseph Galimi, Amber Clark, Michael Craney, Jami Kong, Jessica Truax, Jonathan Linton, Matthew Linton, Great-grandchildren Hailey McMullin, Arden Kong, Talan Kong, Odelle Linton, Hayden Truax, Alaina Kong, Catalina Galimi, Ethan Clark, Vivian Clark nieces and nephews.

The funeral service will be a private ceremony held at his home in Bradenton, Florida.

Hal was always generous, witty, and dedicated to entertaining, often volunteering his talent to community events. He always expressed personal interest in others and was forever introducing people to create new connections and friendships. Hal was a dedicated member of the Emanuel Methodist Church of Bradenton.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Hospice House of Bradenton, 3355 26th St W., Bradenton, Florida 34205. Condolences can be sent through Hal’s contact page. The family would like to thank friends, WFYI, Hospice House of Bradenton.

Luke.23, 42,43 “And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”


See You Again Curley
Gerald L. "Curley" Myers, 93, of Mulberry, known by all as your "ole"

Buckaroo Buddy, died Sunday, May 19, 2013, at 2:42 a.m. at the Mulberry Health and Retirement Community, Mulberry
Curley was a great instrumentalist, singer and personality. Curley and I never had a cross word between us in all the years we worked together at WFBM-TV Channel 6 in Indianapolis. I cannot imagine having another friendship like ours.

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It has been recognized that Hal Fryar, better known as Harlow Hickenlooper to his thousands of fans, has made significant contributions to the State of Indiana and is to be inducted into The Richard M. Fairbanks Indiana Broadcast Hall of Fame. More...

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Harlow Hickenlooper turned 90 years young on June 8, 2017!

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The staff of WFYI-TV wish Harlow a
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"Grandpa Harlow" for years.

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Harlow behind the scenes on the movie set of the Outlaws is Coming with The Three Stooges INCLUDING Harlow's blooper during filming!

Hal Fryar, better known to his fans as Horseshoe Hal, Captain Hal, Harlow Hickenlooper and Grandpa Harlow, talks about those characters and how he got his start in the entertainment industry. Learn all about the man, the straw hat, the striped jackets and the many pies he got in the face. Go back in time and listen as Harlow tells the story in his own words.

Harlow, Curley Myers and Captain Star ALL TOGETHER AGAIN!

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How many pies did he get hit with? Does he still have the jacket? Where is that famous straw hat now? What was it like working with the Three Stooges? Was Shari Lewis really that sweet? Did he enjoy working with William Shatner on the Three Stooges Show? How was it being on the set of The Outlaws is Coming with the Three Stooges? And much more? You will want to see more after you see this!

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If you have ever wondered what my entertainment programs are all about, think "stand up comedy" for adults.  I no longer do children's shows.

Back in 1946 I joined the American Guild of Variety Artists and became a professional emcee/entertainer.  With few nightclubs in Indiana I played Elks, Eagles, Moose and American Legion Posts.  Unless you are at least a full-fledged senior you may not know or remember that many private clubs had legal slot machines until 1953.

This paid for their entertainment programs.  So, I was entertaining many years before my days in television.

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