Hal Fryar rose to prominence as Harlow Hickenlooper, the host of The Three Stooges Show, on Channel 6. This and other Hickenlooper shows, such as Fun Time and All Hands on Deck, spanned 12 years, from 1960 to 1972. Among his co-stars was Curley Myers, the buckskin vested veteran of his own western-movie show, Buckaroo Theater.

In 1965 Hickenlooper, who wore a straw boater and white-and-red striped blazer on screen, appeared in a Three Stooges movie, The Outlaws is Coming. Upon the movie's release, a number of English teachers quickly expressed displeasure with Hickenlooper because of the movie's grammatically incorrect title.

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Hal Fryar was chosen for the Three Stooges Movie "The Outlaws is Coming" because he was a host for a local Indianapolis, Indiana childrens' show on WFBM-TV that ran from 1960-1972 that highlighted the old 3 Stooges shorts. He appeared under the name "Harlow Hickenlooper" and was one of a trio of hosts along with Curley Myers and Captain Star (Jerry Vance aka Larry Vincent) sang songs and did skits for a studio audience of children. He was also the host for several other children's shows over 43 years in local television and is highlighted in the book "Hi there Boys and Girls, America's Local Children's TV Programs" (2001) author: Tim Hollis.

"Hi There Boys and Girls, America's Local Children's TV Programs" tells the story of Hal's start as a children's performer in Youngstown, Ohio and the Hickenlooper years in Indianapolis. The book is dedicated to all children's show hosts in the United States and identifies several hundred. The catalog number for the book is ISBN 1-57806-395-7.


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